August 2017


  • The the NMR resonance assignment notes for Bet v 1d and Spred1(EVH1) at Biomol NMR Assign are now online


July 2017


  • Sebastian will obtain the 2017 "Diploma Thesis Award" of the Austrian Chemical Society in September - congratulatioins!


June 2017


  • Coverage in the 01/2017 issue of the research magazine "Zukunft Forschung"


  • Our newest publication "Conformational flexibility differentiates naturally occurring Bet v 1 isoforms" is now online at Int J Mol Sci.

            in the 2017 special issue "Proteolysis in allergic sensitization and Th2 response"



March 2017


  •   Congratulations to Reiner for defending his Master Thesis!


February 2017


  •   Approval of our joint application for infrastructure funding "West Austrian Bio-NMR" at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)! 

            press release of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy


  •   Our newest publication "Structure of the major apple allergen Mal d 1" is now online at ACS - J Agricult Food Chem



  •   Sebastian was awarded a "PhD Stipend" by the University of Innsbruck. Congratulations!


January 2017


  •   Official start of the Interreg ITAT1013 "AppleCare" project.


November 2016


  •   Congratulations to Sebastian for defending his Master Thesis!


  •   Our newest publication "Measurement of ligand-target residence times by 1H relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy" is now online at ACS - J Med Chem




  •   Approval of our grant application at the European Regional Development Fund  - to be started in 2017! 


September 2016


  •   Congratulations to Jürgen and Valentin for defending their Master Theses!


August 2016


  •   Linda won the "Young Investigator Award" at the 27th ICMRBS in Kyoto, Japan. Congratulations!