Images: pixabay, M. Tollinger


The large-scale production of artificial snow is essential for winter tourism. In order to provide the snow base that is required for the winter season, ski resorts typically produce large quantities of snow starting in au­tumn. How­ever, because the efficiency of the conversion from water to snow is fairly low at tem­peratures above -15°C, it is desirable to increase the fraction of water that is converted to snow at higher temperatures. We identify and characterize the core elements in ice nucleation proteins that are required for effective ice nucleation.


Collaboration with:

Hinrich Grothe (Technical University of Vienna) link

Klaus R. Liedl (University of Innsbruck) link

Thomas Lörting (University of Innsbruck) link


Recent publications (ice nucleation proteins):

Pummer BG*, Budke C, Augustin-Bauditz S, Niedermeier D, Felgitsch L, Kampf CJ, Huber RG, Liedl KR, Loerting T, Moschen T, Schauperl M, Tollinger M, Morris CE, Wex H, Grothe H, Pöschl U, Koop T, Fröhlich-Nowoisky J.
        Ice nucleation by water-soluble macromolecules. 
        Athmos Chem Phys 2015 (15): 4077-4091. (open access)
        doi: 10.5194/acp-15-4077-2015